What is Reaction Combat Fitness?

Reaction Combat Fitness was founded to be a positive reaction to the poor standard of Martial Arts based fitness classes currently available.

Many high profile chain gyms and fitness groups currently “teach” these types of classes to their members, taught by instructors with little or no knowledge of the Martial Arts, selling a fake and distorted image to their clients, undermining the integrity of these combat systems. Why would you waste your time and your money on fake imitators?

Reaction Combat Fitness we teach 100% authentic Taekown-Do. We are proud to be part of The Trident Taekwon-Do Group, Taekwon-Do UK and The International Taekwon-Do Federation.

We teach the same effective kicking and punching skills, drills and combinations to you that we teach to every student of Taekwon-Do. We teach Martial Arts with a modern, fresh approach. Providing a variety of class situations to give you the opportunity to push beyond what you thought you could achieve.

Teaching at Reaction Combat fitness Testimonial


Marc Kennan, 4th Degree Black Belt, Instructor, RCF

I was in many ways a late starter to not only Martial Arts but to sports and fitness in general. I never really found any sports that I really enjoyed.

At 25 I decided to “get fit” but found the monotony of the gym environment killed my will to go there! I instead found a local Kickboxing club.

It must have taken me 6 months to throw a proper punch, but I loved it and persevered. I loved the challenges that training gave me and progressed further than I could ever have imagined.

Eventually gaining my Black Belt in Taekwon-Do, and along the way having the opportunity to compete at both national and international level, during which time I was extremely lucky to be chosen to Captain the Northern Ireland Taekwon-Do team. Martial Arts has shaped and guided my life over the last 15 years, right up until today.

I hope that I can pass on to you some of knowledge and experiences that I have gained over the years. From hours of training, sweating and laughing in class with friends, to the highs and lows of competition, always with the ultimate goal of making myself in to a stronger and better person than I was yesterday.

Marc Kennan at Reaction Combat fitness Testimonial

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